Reindeer Toots on Christmas (Pee-Yew)

Reindeer Toots on Christmas (Pee-Yew) Book Cover

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Everyone knows about Rudolph’s red nose saving Christmas and the time Scott Calvin became Kris Kringle to keep the holidays alive. But few know that last Christmas was also on the cusp due to some extra gassy reindeer.

Written to match the melody of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,”¬†Reindeer Toots on Christmas¬†tells that story and how Old Saint Nick was able to overcome the flurry of farts to keep the night before Christmas on track.

This hilarious holiday parody puts a new twist on the Mariah Carey Christmas classic and will have your whole family laughing out loud. 

Need Help Finding the Rhythm?

Already bought the book and need help finding the rhythm? Listen to Matthew “singing” the book.

For an instrumental version that you can sing along to, click here.