Our Farm Dance

Our Farm Dance book cover

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It’s time to boogie in the barnyard!
This fun and funny book tells the story of some barnyard buddies who have been working hard on the farm. Of course, all work and no play is not okay, and the farm animals need a well-deserved break—a chance to cut loose and cut a rug. But before their barnyard dance can begin, they need to convince the farmer that every animal (and human) needs some time to dance.

Written to match the melody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” Our Farm Dance uses humor and song to teach children about the joy of creative expression and dance! It’s the perfect book for fans of Sandra Boynton, Alice Shertle’s Little Blue Truck series, and Craig Smiths’ Donkey books, and it will make bedtime a blast for you and your child! So, get ready to moo, baa, and cluck with the big farm crew.

Need help finding the rhythm?

Already bought the book and need help finding the rhythm? Watch Michelle sing the book in the video below.